The BuildNN Project

We have built our services by combining different profiles and paths on a very specific challenge: make Artificial Intelligence accessible to every type of business. The BuildNN world is a unique blend of Business Innovation, Data Science, Dev and IT Ops. We are aware that technology is valuable when devoted to solving a problem or pursuing an opportunity. In BuildNN we analyze in depth the challenges of the industry and proactively develop, within our R&D Lab, new Machine Learning-enabled services and standards, enclosed in organizational and process solutions that facilitate their adoption, also guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness on a large scale.

BuildNN is about quality and attention to details, in every portion of our services.
BuildNN is about continuous learning, sharing and teamwork.
BuildNN is about ambition and willingness to challenge the status quo for a smart and sustainable future.

Our People

Giacomo Barone

CEO, Co-Founder
Marketing Intelligence and Data Science, Applied ML

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Vincenzo Marino

Chief Commercial Officer, Co-Founder
Innovation & Corporate Strategy

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Enrico La Sala

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
DevOps & High Performance Microservices

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Become a Builder

BuildNN is a unique blend of Business Innovation, Data Science, Dev and IT Ops. If you have one of this profiles and you want to know more about open positions, contact us on