Big Data, Great Decisions_

Accessible Artificial Intelligence to improve your business processes and organization. Advanced tools based on Machine & Deep Learning and guided journeys to improve timeliness, efficiency and precision of decisions through already available data.

High performance tools and better processes

Actionable A.I. Platform for BI & Marketing teams

Design the right offer for each client:
Segmentation of purchase behaviors and profiling

Understand and exploit the unique features of points of sale: Local Store Marketing & Tailoring

Plan and adapt your offer according to seasons and events: Time Intelligence Tools

Improve the composition of product portfolio and boost margins: Advanced Category Management

Support people and the organization

Data Science Business Unit Acceleration

Improve communcation and manage change: Translation Workshops for Data Science + BI + IT + Management teams

Understand new technologies and the related methodologies to guarantee effective management: Coaching & AI readiness for C-Level and Managers

Provide your team with the required technical skills to manage data and analysis processes: Data Science Training & Support Activities

Allow your team to work at full speed without worrying of softwares and work environments: Toolkits and work environments optimized for Data Science and Advanced Analytics Teams

A clear objective

No more projects stopping at the Pilot_

Our Data Science Boutique covers the whole data-driven decision making chain to effectively accompaign highly innovative projects up to the set in production.


Identification of high potential processes

Answer the challenges of your industry with our R&D Lab and our Innovation Partners.


Creation of the enabling technology

Compose simple, intuitive and scalable digital processes to exploit new Machine Learning based systems through BuildNN's microservices and modular frameworks.


Standalone vs. Light API integration

Integrate new technological platforms as-a-Service to minimize disruptions in current systems and workflows.


Key people onboarding and support

Sustain people and the organization in the change process to facilitate the adoption of new technolgoies and promoted the data-driven culture.

Artificial Intelligence to empower people

Operational Benefits

Allow your analytical experts to focus on high value creating tasks

Automate simple and routine tasks of analysis and anomaly detection combining a detail-oriented approach and, at the same time ,be able to operate on a large scale: allow analysts to focus on the most relevant cases.
Minimize reaction times in case of anomalies or adverse events through digital workflows and automatic data processing: allow work teams to focus on decisions and actions.
Get a better understanding of performance drivers and business patterns and cyclicality through advanced algorithms and detailed analyzes of correlations and micro-correlations : allow the team to focus on strategies and tactics.

Organizational Benefits

Boost measurability of what happens in the organization and promote the data-driven culture

Move from a rearview mirror logic (backward analysis and firefighting) to a forward looking culture (high reactivity and data-driven strategic planning) with predictive tools and improved reaction and analysis performance.
Free BI and Data Science teams from low value adding tasks and remove organizational bottlenecks on specialized resoruces and teams through standardization, automation and diffusion of data analysis and interpretation.
Uniform the official "Sources of Truth" and improve the quality and frequency of communication and contamination across teams and functions by adopting standardized and shared processes, methodologies and tools to interpret data shared tool.

OpenSource Projects_

Phase2.TODAY is the platform designed to support retailers in the reopening phase with analyses and simulations linked to the main performance indicators for the store. The objective of Phase2.TODAY is to ensure that the legislation is correctly applied by limiting the negative effects on the turnover of commercial activities.
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The COVID-19 Ita blog was created with the objective of integrating, simplifying and making more accessible information and analysis orbiting around the diffusion of Covid-19, the evolution of the Italian National Health System (SSN) and the benchmark with international Health Systems

Our Distinctive Features to Make Impact

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We focus on Relevance and Actionability

Vertical Specialization and R&D on Retail and Wholesale

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We make “Bleeding Edge” Technologies

High performance computing, advanced Machine Learning algorithms and methodologies to manage and automate complex tasks

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We design simple workflows to manage complex issues

BBalancing complexity with simplification techniques - Simplexity - to drive change and promote the data-driven culture

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We secure your data by design, transparently

Retention-less data management, audit and advanced compliance

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